Bristol  13/07/09 - 30/09/09

A unique art exhibition paying homage to the crucial role and valuable contribution horses have made to human society.  HORSEPOWER celebrates the intertwining relationship we’ve long had with our equine cousins; in history, myth & legend...


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Title: Horse’s Head

Artist: AD the Tree Pirate

Description: Wood carved at HorseWorld in fifteen minutes with a chain saw.

Title: Racehorse

Artists: Paul Boswell &

Rachel Macleay.  

Description: Chair Legs, bed springs, washing machine drum, assorted metal scrap wiring & plastic sleeves.

Title: Horse and Rider

Artist: John Lord.  

Description: Welded reclaimed steel, previously displayed at RHS Wisley Garden.

Title: Monoceros

Artist: Anne Schwegmann Fielding

Description: Bits of china and broken glass. Named after the constellation shaped like a unicorn. In myth the unicorn was the first animal named by Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Title: Driftwood Horses (Located in HorseWorld Museum).

Artist: Chris Griffiths.  

Description: Sculptural horses utilising the beauty and natural form of driftwood collected from beaches on the South Coast of Cornwall. No piece of the driftwood is cut or shaped in any way and is exactly as found.

Many of the pieces of driftwood will have originated from miles away in ancient forests and wood-land. Each horse is unique! (Please refer to pdf for reference of each horse for sale)

Title: Rearing Horse

Artist: Gilbert Whyman ARBS

Description: Welded steel. Vespa scooter frame, horseshoe, petrol tank, wheel barrow.

Gilbert has exhibited sculpture at the Royal Academy.

Title: Two Donkeys

Artist: Jolanta Jagiello

Description: Inspired by "Donkey" the loveable character from the movie ‘Shrek’. Drainage pipes and other welded industrial waste metals.

Title: Horse.

Artist: Gavin Darby.  

Description: Security grill legs, metal chains, power transmission shaft, old engine parts, cogs, spanners and springs.

Title: Three Centaurs

Artist: Anthony Wilson

Description: Black centaurs: Plastic parts from car innards.

Silver Centaur: Lining from a scrapped Land Rover.

Title: Horse and Man

Artist: Sophie Howard.

Description: A willow frame pressed with a manure, clay and lime mixture. Sophie collected the dung from HorseWorld. Horse and cow dung mixed with clay was used in the past, in house building. “The fibre in the manure and also animal hair, straw and hay all add to the strength of the mix”.

Title: Red Detritus Horse.

Artist: Lucy Edkins

Description: A collection of reused household items, old baskets, baking tins, combs, saucepan lids and bits of broken furniture.

Title: Horseman of the Apocalypse

Artist: Anthony Wilson.

Description: After the painting by Douanier Rousseau. Flue piping, colanders, metal blinds.


Title: High Density

Artist: Dean Williams

(Dean the Art Wizard)

Description: Reclaimed CD’s over a welded metal frame.

Over 5,000 reclaimed CD’s were used in the making of this magnificent 10’6” horse.  Dean spent many weeks in a horse field (working in all weathers) to finish it!  

NB: Sale proceeds will be donated to HorseWorld.

Thanks to: The Recycling People (CD’s), Stuart Cank (Welding), Phill Cank (Photography) and DGT Transport (of Leicester).

BBC Points West Evening News 12th August

Title: Stallion

Artist: Tom Hill

Description: This breathtakingly realistic 11ft Stallion was made entirely from 600 re-used old horseshoes, and took 2 months to make.

Tom grew up in Herfordshire surrounded by horses! Don’t miss this beautiful masterpiece on display ‘til 2nd October!